By using our wash/dry/fold service, Customers agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions. “We/us/our etc refers to Coastal Laundry LLC. You/your etc refers to you, the Customer.

1. Reporting and Issue

If there is a problem or issue with your order, please inform us immediately, by calling us on (843) 945-4741, or by email at, within 48 hours.

2. Laundry Special Request

If your laundry requires special care, you must inform us at the time of drop-off. If you have a specific garment that needs special care (hang dry, delicate wash, etc.), please bag this item separately and inform us what is required. If a separate wash is required, there will be an additional charge for this.

3. Lost or Damaged Laundry

We are not responsible for the normal and inevitable shrinking, fading, color bleeding or wear and tear during wash and fold process. Please ensure that all items are colorfast. If your garment is damaged while it is being washed and we have identified that we are at fault, the reimbursement for the garment will be the market value of the garment, considering the depreciation brought about by age and wear and will not exceed the amount of the order. In the event that a garment is claimed to be lost, we will honor the claim, if you have provided us a list of inventory along with your order. We will reimburse you according to the above guidelines. (i.e. similar to the reimbursement process for damaged claim).

You agree to check your laundry (particularly pockets), as we are not responsible for any damage that results from items such as lipsticks, sharpies, pens etc. during the wash/dry process. We return all valuables like cash, credit cards and personal possessions which we find in pockets, but we are not responsible in any way for items that you claim to be included in your garments that we have not found ourselves. We are not responsible for damage to items labelled “hand wash only” or “dry clean only” and are not responsible for checking for care labels in customers clothing items.

We will not be liable for any items which are missing or damaged due to theft or unusual causes for example fire and flooding. Please make certain your laundry is covered by your own insurance. 

4. Allergies 

We are not responsible for any medical reaction that might be caused by our services (i.e. rashes, and other allergic reactions). If you are subject to allergic reaction, we are happy to use your laundry products. 

5. Stains

When stain removal is specifically requested, we will check that the material is suitable for bleaching or other stain removal treatment. If it is, we will treat as appropriate. We cannot guarantee that stains will be entirely removed.

6. Health and Safety

In order to protect our stuff, we will not launder any items that contain fecal matter, vomit, blood or any other bodily fluid, or matter which we consider to be dangerous or deleterious to health and safety. Such items will be bagged and returned and no refund will be given. It is your responsibility to ensure that there are no knives, ammunition or any other sharp or dangerous items in your laundry.

7. Coastal Laundry LLC reserves the right to refuse laundry service to any customer.

8. Coastal Laundry LLC reserves the right to refuse to process or wash and fold any garment.

9. Individually priced items

If laundry is found to contain any of the individually priced items on our price list of which we were not informed at the time of taking the order, we will charge for these items according to our price list.

10. Laundry left uncollected

We will keep laundry for 10 days after the agreed collection date, or the date on which you were informed that it was ready for collection. After the 10 day period has expired, we will dispose of laundry as we see fit. 

11. Payment

We accept payment in cash and debit/credit card. Payment must be made at the time of drop-off. 

Legal Disclaimer:

The liability of Coastal Laundry LLC for any loss or damage shall be limited to the amount paid by the customer for the service in which the damage occurred. This shall be the absolute extent of Coastal Laundry LLC liability regardless of the form in which any legal or equitable action may be brought and the foregoing shall constitute customers sole and exclusive remedy. Coastal Laundry disclaims all warranties expressed or implied with respect to the services rendered under the agreement.

By using our wash/dry/fold service the Customer agrees to the above terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time, and it is the responsibility of the customer to check for changes. If you have any questions about Terms and Conditions, please contact us in person, through phone or email.